Leaders & Legacies PodcastImpact Beyond Yourself

What type of a leader are you?

If you were suddenly “taken out,” how would your team respond?

I learned that answer after waking up from a 6-week coma.

The team delivered their best work ever and ran the business without me.

As my mind started clearing and I began to realize the lives I touched. It was overwhelming.

I realized there must be other business owners who are making an impact beyond themselves. And that’s why I launched the Leaders & Legacies podcast.

We celebrate everyday leaders who are running businesses and impacting lives.

Listen in to hear how other leaders like you are tackling the daily challenges. Or, maybe now is the time to tell your story.

I’m talking to other leaders and how they’re making an impact beyond themselves. I suspect many, like me, are unwitting leaders. Is that you? – Craig Andrews