Discover Your Ideal Client PersonaNatural Temperament Profile Assessment for Financial Advisors

You have a unique style. And your clients have their unique style. In fact, there are nine unique personas for high net-worth investors.


You will maximize your efficiency and job satisfaction when you focus on the two or three personas you most resonate with. And guess what?


Your clients will also be most satisfied when you do this. And they’ll be more likely to refer you. A recent MIT-AIG study showed that only 72% of older investors would recommend their advisor to their best friend. This same study showed that the top driver of client satisfaction was that their advisor understood both their financial and their life goals.


Each of the nine personas have different primary goals. Maximize client satisfaction by doing what’s already natural to you.


In less than 10 minutes, you can discover your ideal client personas.


Start the profile below and discover which of the nine personas match your personality the best.


You’ll get:

  • Your top-3 most compatible personas.
  • Identify personas that are incompatible with your natural leanings.
  • Primary goals and motivations for your top-3 most compatible personas.
  • Recommended engagement model for your unique ideal personas.
  • Complete overview of all nine personas of high net-worth investors.